Mountain Valley Spring Water - Orange County's Highest Quality Glass Bottled Spring Water

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  • Committed to Delivering Quality and Affordability for Over 140 Years
  • Glass Bottled Right at the Spring Source
  • Never Transported or Stored in a Tanker
  • Meets Strict State, Federal, & International Guidelines
  • Winner of IBWA's "Excellence in Manufacturing" Award
  • Internal Quality Control Tests Conducted Daily
  • Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher Certified

Highly Regulated Mountain Valley Spring Water -- Compliant with the Industry's Strictest Standards for the Bottled Water Industry

Bottled Water Industry Orange County

At Mountain Valley Spring Water, we've had over 140 years to perfect our filtering and bottling processes to bring our customers the purest and highest quality glass bottled water available for home and office delivery in Orange County. In order to be confident that we are always delivering the highest quality water possible, we go well beyond the water purity standards set by the industry as well as state and federal governing agencies. We look to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), and California Department of Public Health for our guidelines and work diligently and proactively to ensure we are consistently meeting them. Moreover, we participate in the IBWA's quality programs, where we regularly earn their "Excellence in Manufacturing" designation. Additionally, we conduct our own quality control tests of our water daily. These samples are tested on site to check for bacteria and other possible contaminants. Once a week, we also send out water samples to third-party testing labs as well as the Arkansas Department of Health for added reassurance.

Our Water Filtering, Bottling & Testing Process

To meet state, federal, and IBWA's bottled water guidelines, our spring water is thoroughly filtered and treated with ultraviolet light and ozone. Ozone is extremely effective at killing water-borne bacteria, but promptly becomes oxygen once it is injected into the water, which means that the water's taste and composition are not affected in the process.

Voluntary Participants of the NSF International Program

Independently NSF Certified Voluntary

NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International is a trusted organization that focuses on developing standards for and auditing water, food, and other products in order to improve overall human health globally. At Mountain Valley Spring Water, we are proud to participate in NSF International's voluntary program for safety and quality assurance. This program includes annual unannounced plant inspections by an independent third-party auditor as well as exhaustive analysis and testing of our water products. The inspection involves a thorough check of every aspect of our bottling operation, including verification of the water's source, disinfection, treatment, filtering, and bottle closure. Water quality analysis involves testing for more than 160 contaminants, including chemicals, inorganic impurities, radiological contaminants, and microbiological contaminants. Ultimately, seeing the NSF mark on every bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water means that the Mountain Valley water you are drinking meets the strictest of industry standards.

Orthodox Union Kosher Certified Bottled Water

Kosher Certified Company

Mountain Valley Spring Water is also certified by the Orthodox Union (OU). OU has been the world's most recognized and trusted kosher certification company for the last 80 years. Having the OU kosher symbol means that a Rabbinic Field Representative visits our plant intermittently and verifies that our water is kosher. By qualifying for the OU Kosher seal, our water also meets the requirements of other groups who observe special dietary requirements, including Muslims and Seventh-Day Adventists.