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Mountain Valley Glass Bottled Water
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Mountain Valley's Glass Bottled Spring Water

Mountain Valley Spring Water has become widely known throughout the country for its delicious taste, mineral-rich quality, and beautiful green glass bottles. Bottled at a single spring source right outside of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, our spring water captures the naturally refreshing taste of mountain spring water and is filtered and treated to meet the purity and quality standards set by the FDA and other trusted bottled water associations.

100% Natural Mountain Spring Water

Every drop of Mountain Valley Spring Water originates from a natural spring deep within protected forests in Hot Springs, Arkansas. As this water moves through the earth's outer layers, it undergoes a 3,500-year cycle of natural filtration and mineral attainment. Once it reaches the surface, it has accrued a wonderful blend of minerals, consisting mainly of magnesium, potassium, and calcium, and become naturally sodium free and alkaline (with a pH of 7.8). This water is then bottled right at the source, so that you enjoy nothing but 100% natural mountain spring water. Our water meets strict quality-control procedures and it never sees the inside of a tank.

Beautiful Green Glass Water Bottles

Beautiful Glass Bottles in a Variety of Sizes, Made From Recycled Glass

Mountain Valley Spring Water is Orange County's main distributor of glass bottled water. Our glass water bottles are easily recognizable by their beautiful shape and distinctive green color. They come in a wide range of sizes, from easily portable 11 ounce bottles to water cooler friendly 2.5 and 5 gallon bottles. Not only are our iconic green bottles beautiful, but they are also eco-friendly as they are made from domestically sourced, recycled glass.

America's Premium Spring Water

Mountain Valley Spring Water - An American Tradition

Mountain Valley Spring Water was first bottled in 1871, when it was originally called "Lockett's Spring Water." A year later, it was rebranded as Mountain Valley to match the name of a small, local community. Because of its high quality, refreshing taste, and beneficial mineral content, Mountain Valley Spring Water soon became the bottled water of choice among homeowners and business owners as well as various celebrities, presidents, and kings. Having been America's premium spring water for well over 140 years, there are only a handful of other bottled waters that are able to compete with Mountain Valley Spring Water's rich and exceptional history.

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Mountain Valley Spring Water is your best choice for high-quality glass bottled spring water. We deliver this exceptional water to cities throughout Orange County and offer a wide range of bottle sizes, from 11-ounce single-serving portable bottles to 5-gallon jugs for water coolers. Our prices are competitive, and our customer service unparalleled. Call today to start service or to learn more. In addition to our classic mountain spring water, we also sell and deliver sparkling spring water and flavored sparkling spring water.