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Affordable, High-Quality Water Cooler/Dispenser Rentals, Orange County, CA

Mountain Valley Spring Water offers high-quality water cooler rentals at affordable rates for Orange County homes and businesses. To accommodate a wide range of needs and preferences, we rent three types of coolers: a non-electric water dispenser and two types of electric water coolers.

Non Electric Water Dispenser OC

Non-Electric Porcelain Water Dispenser Rentals

Our non-electric porcelain water dispenser is made from solid vitrified porcelain (fired at temperatures in excess of 2,200ยบ F) and finished with a clear, long-lasting glaze, making it more durable and resistant to chipping and breakage. It easily dispenses room temperature water any time you need it. This water dispenser features food-grade plastic protection rings to safely and securely hold one of our large-size water bottles while keeping out contaminants. Using one of our wooden stands, the dispenser can be raised a few inches off of your counter or a few feet above your floor. Our stands are built out of solid wood, feature sturdy construction, and have a beautiful glossy finish. All of its joints are sanded smooth and the base has felt padding to prevent scratching when you move it across your floor. Available for $3.50 per month, our porcelain water dispenser rental with stand is highly affordable.

Electric Hot Water Dispenser OC

Electric Water Cooler Rentals

Mountain Valley Spring Water's electric water coolers are available in two models: the Cook 'N Cold Cooler and the Hot 'N Cold Cooler. The Cook 'N Cold Cooler dispenses cold and room-temperature water. The chilled water is perfect for drinking, and the room-temp water is ideal for cooking and preparing meals. The Hot 'N Cold Cooler provides steaming hot water for up to 45 cups of coffee or tea each hour and dispenses up to a gallon of ice-cold water per hour for instant refreshment, making them ideal for homes, offices, and stores. Both of these units cool the water from the inside out using a patented probe-and-sleeve cooling system that is energy efficient and effective at reducing the production of condensation, which could potentially rust and damage parts. Both of our stylishly designed electric water coolers have a stainless steel reservoir and a white external cabinet. They can accommodate our 2.5-gallon, 4-gallon, and 5-gallon water bottles. The Cook 'N Cold Cooler can be rented for $8.95 per month, and our Hot 'N Cold Cooler can be rented for $16.95 per month.

The Best Value for Water Delivery & Cooler Rentals in Orange County, CA

Call us today to start have water delivered to your Orange County home or business. We'll deliver your preferred water cooler at the time of your first scheduled service and help set it up. As part of our rental service, we will also promptly change out your equipment if anything goes wrong with it. All water cooler rentals are billed quarterly, and a deposit may be required.

**An additional sales tax will be added to all cooler rental plans. Regular cooler rental pricing is billed on a quarterly basis. A deposit on rental equipment may be required.